Take a break from your normal routine and plan a day on the illustrious Upper West Side of New York City. Create a day or weekend that allows you to explore some of what UWS has to offer. Indulge in a day of refined leisure in a neighborhood synonymous with sophistication and cultural richness.

Exploring the UWS Coffee Shops As the Sun Rises

Begin your morning with a walk along the tree-lined streets, breathing in the city's energy. As the sun rises, make your way to one of the area's charming coffee shops, where baristas craft artisanal brews that tantalize the palate and invigorate the senses. Take your time, enjoy every sip, and relax.

Places to visit include The Hungarian Pastry Shop at 1030 Amsterdam Avenue. Baklava, Linzer tortes, and strudel are among the specialties, and the cheesecake slices are equally exquisite.

Stop by Alice’s Tea Cup at 102 W 73rd Street and choose from specialty concoctions like Chocolate Chai, White Champagne Raspberry, Stardust, or even “Un-Birthday” tea!

Discover Nature’s Beauty in Central Park

The Upper West Side boasts an array of meticulously maintained parks, each a tranquil retreat away from the city. Wander through lush gardens, reflect by tranquil ponds, or simply relax on verdant lawns. Discover the many hidden gems and beauty of Central Park.

The Imagine Mosaic in Central Park’s Strawberry Fields is an internationally funded tribute to John Lennon, ex-Beatle and longtime New York City resident. Visit the Conservatory Garden, located at Fifth Avenue and 105th Street, this secluded oasis offers a fragrant respite, perfect for a casual adventure.

Casual or Upscale, Lunch on the UWS Is Exquisite

After a morning of sipping and exploring, settle in for a midday meal at one of many delectable restaurants and lunch hotspots throughout the UWS. Whether you’re craving a more casual sidewalk dining experience with a sandwich or want to dine luxuriously at an upscale establishment, you’ll be within walking distance of some of New York’s best options.

Stop in at Cafe Luxembourg at 200 W 70th Street. Steak and parmesan fries, fish and chips, mac and cheese, and other warm, feel-good meals are on the menu. Or enjoy more upscale, including selections of oysters, steak tartare, and pan-roasted salmon. Also visit Gray’s Papaya at 2090 Broadway, which offers hot dogs and specialty tropical drinks (Pina Colada, banana, coconut, and, of course, Papaya.)

Take in a Matinee on the Upper West Side

After fortifying yourself with this exquisite start, venture to one of the Upper West Side's movie theaters. Here, cinematic history and modern luxury converge, offering an unparalleled viewing experience. Whether you opt for a classic film or the latest blockbuster, recline in plush seating and lose yourself in the captivating world of cinema, enveloped by state-of-the-art sound and visuals.

A great theater is the AMC Lincoln Square 13. Experience an open and relaxing atmosphere with immersive IMAX. Also consider AMC Loews 8th Street 6. Settle into reserved reclining loungers to take in the latest big-screen film.

Visit One of the Many Museums on the UWS

The American Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Broadway offers incredible experiences for anyone looking to spend an afternoon exploring exhibits.

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of cultural exploration with a visit to the American Museum of Natural History, an institution steeped in scholarly elegance and unparalleled discovery. Wander through its hallowed halls, where the mysteries of the universe unfold through captivating exhibits and awe-inspiring collections. Indulge in the enchanting world of theater at the Museum of Broadway, where the magic of stagecraft and the allure of performance converge to tell timeless tales. 

Discover the Upper West Side for a Sunset Dinner

Conclude your day with a world class dinner at one of the Upper West Side's acclaimed restaurants, where world-class chefs craft masterpieces that celebrate diverse flavors and culinary traditions. Toast to the day's adventures with a glass of fine wine, savoring each moment as you reflect upon the beauty and elegance that define life on the Upper West Side.

Nice Matin offers an elegant dining experience, features an award-winning wine list, and is a UWS must-experience essential as a French Brasserie. Enjoy pull-apart garlic and parmesan bread, mouth-watering French dip, moules-frites, and other delicacies. Finish with an after dinner drink or another wonderful coffee to end the day.

Make Evening Plans on the Upper West Side

The Upper West Side boasts a diverse array of venues where both residents and visitors can enjoy a drink. Whether you're looking for a laid-back sports bar, a charming neighborhood spot, a sophisticated cocktail lounge, or a cozy setting for a date night, this neighborhood offers something to suit every taste and preference.

Da Capo on 322 Columbus Avenue has happy hour from Tuesday to Friday that includes food bites with spritzes or wine and beer. Additionally, Gebhard’s is the place to go for crafted beers on tap.

If you are looking for an upscale evening, The Wallace Lounge welcomes guests daily from 5:00 pm to midnight. The atmosphere blends casual comfort with sophisticated charm and boasts a piano bar offering live music.

Book Your Luxurious UWS Stay at The Lucerne

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