Enjoy a day of intellectual and cultural wonder at the iconic American Museum of Natural History. The museum is an unparalleled center of knowledge about the natural world and universe and it is nestled in the heart of New York City’s Upper West Side

There is so much to see and experience at the AMNH that it is nearly impossible to explore all in one day. So, to help you make the most of your tour, follow this ultimate AMNH guide. Begin your journey through time, nature, and space by immersing yourself in the legendary exhibits and adventurous learning experiences.

Ticketed Exhibits to Add to Your AMNH Tour

These exhibitions at the American Museum of Nature History are only available to those who reserve tickets in advance. So, if elephants, sea lions, butterflies, and space are of interest to you, secure your passes.

A popular ticketed exhibit is The Secret World of Elephants, which reveals incredible new science about both ancient and modern elephants. Be sure to explore further, learning about elephants’ extraordinary minds and senses and why they’re essential to the overall health of their ecosystems. Exhibit visitors can also witness the inspiring efforts to overcome threats to today’s elephants’ survival.

The Sea Lions: Life by a Whisker exhibit is a story about a colony of sea lions living in an environment as harsh as it is beautiful. Witness this classic tale in this immersive film, Sea Lions: Life By A Whisker, on the giant screen.

Another favorite among visitors is the Davis Family Butterfly Vivarium. This gallery is available as a year-round experience. Witness 80 different species of butterflies among lush natural vegetation in tropical temperatures.

As you make your way through the American Museum of Natural History you will want to stop by Invisible Worlds. You will be able to discover how organisms interact with their ecosystems. Learn why your hand resembles a bat's wing. Explore the symbiotic nature of complex food webs. Then, dive deeper to consider the ultimate social network - human brain cells relaying impulses to neighboring cells.

Finally, stop by Worlds Beyond Earth. Truly breathtaking, these visualizations of distant worlds remind us just how small we are in the universe. Learn about groundbreaking space missions and experience breathtaking scenes of our solar system's evolution.

This Year’s Included Exhibits

The American Museum of Natural  History has included exhibits, available year-round, that are not to be missed on your visit. Allow yourself to be captivated by the mesmerizing exhibits that chronicle the evolution of life on Earth, from the majestic dinosaurs that once roamed the planet to the intricate ecosystems that sustain our world today.

Begin with the Opulent Oceans exhibit where you can explore the diversity of lifeforms who call our planet's oceans their home. Then move to Grounded by Our Roots and witness inspirational works of art hailing from Indigenous artists from around the world, representing their cultural traditions.

Make your way to What’s in a Name. This inaugural exhibit explores the significance and history of scientific nomenclature, focusing on insects.

A favorite among visitors is Extinct and Endangered. Learn about the integral role insects play in healthy ecosystems and see which 40 imperiled species deserve protection.

Permanent Halls to See Any Time of Year

Continue your exploration by delving into the museum's most renowned and permanent halls and exhibits. Regardless of when you visit the Upper West Side, these exhibitions are always a treasure to experience. 

Mammal Halls include dioramas that are among the most renowned in the world, featuring depictions of geographical locations and mounted specimens.

The Human Origins and Cultural Halls explore the evolutionary story of the human family. The Cultural Halls further explore the unique cultures and life of Asia, Africa, North and South America, and the Pacific.

Fossil Halls is one of the premier attractions. Included are its two famed dinosaur halls in the David H. Koch Dinosaur Wing, along with the Lila Acheson Wallace Wing of Mammals and Their Extinct Relatives.

The Earth and Planetary Sciences halls showcase truly remarkable geological specimens, including meteorites and rare gems. It’s an insightful hall that uncovers clues about the origins of our solar system and the revolutionary processes of our planet.

The Museum’s Birds Halls showcase the wide variety of avian life on the planet. The Hall of Reptiles and Amphibians explores the anatomy, behavior, and various adaptations of amphibians and reptiles in nature.

The Biodiversity and Environmental Halls will always impress museum guests as they offer a vivid and inspiring vision of the abundance of life on Earth.

AMNH Official Ticketing and Information

To plan your visit to the American Museum of Natural History, visit the museum’s website. There, you’ll find ticketing and membership information. The museum is open to guests daily from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

AMNH is also part of the New York CityPASS®, which includes general admission and one special exhibition. Visit AMNH and four other top NYC attractions with this pass, good for nine days. It’s a great way to bundle must-see attractions throughout the city into one convenient pass.

One Final Addition to Your Visit

Conclude your enriching day and museum tour with a stroll through the museum's adjacent Theodore Roosevelt Park. This park is a verdant oasis that offers a tranquil respite and is rated as one of the top five small parks in all of New York City. Reflect upon the day's immersive and educational discoveries as you meander beneath towering trees and alongside serene ponds. It’s the perfect conclusion to a full day’s adventure at the AMNH.

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