In the enchanting, tree-lined avenues of Manhattan's Upper West Side, hidden gems and intimate moments create an unforgettable romantic experience for couples. When you stay at one of The Lucerne’s luxury suites, you can partake in all sorts of romantic activities. From strolling along Central Park to indulging in Swiss Chocolate, the Upper West Side is full of hidden date ideas that exemplify sophistication and timeless charm.

Continue reading to explore our recommended romantic activities. 

Stroll through Central Park

Embark on a winter romance by taking a leisurely stroll through Central Park, just moments away from our luxurious hotel. Discover the park's enchanting transformation as snow blankets its pathways, creating a serene and magical ambiance. Embrace the tranquility of a winter wonderland as you stroll across the iconic Bow Bridge, surrounded by glistening snow-covered trees.

Spend the evening at the Metropolitan Opera

Elevate your evening with a visit to the Metropolitan Opera, a cultural gem nestled in Lincoln Center. Enjoy a captivating performance in this world-renowned venue, where the allure of the arts combines with the magic of a shared experience. Enhance the night with pre-show cocktails at one of the nearby upscale lounges.

Find the Metropolitan Opera’s upcoming schedule here. You can purchase tickets on their website. 


A Divine Experience at Läderach Chocolatier Suisse

Embark on a delectable date at the House of Läderach, where Swiss chocolate takes center stage. Choose from over 20 varieties of their signature hand-cut chocolate bark. Explore exquisite pralines, MiniMousses, and more. Indulge in the luxurious world of House of Läderach, where each bite is a journey into the artistry of Swiss chocolate. Treat your date to a symphony of flavors, crafted with passion and precision.


The Lucerne can also recommend an array of romantic activities outside of the Upper West Side, for visitors looking to expand their horizons. From skating on ice to fascinating marvels of architecture to delectable tea rooms, these romantic outings include:

A Winter Wonderland Date at Rockefeller Center

Step into the heart of Manhattan's winter magic with an unforgettable date at the Rink at Rockefeller Center. A true emblem of the city, this iconic winter sight has been captivating the hearts of New Yorkers and visitors. Glide hand in hand across the iconic ice rink, framed by the dazzling lights of the city. The enchanting atmosphere of Rockefeller Center during winter is sure to kindle the flames of love and create lasting memories for you and your special someone.

A Date to Remember

Step into a winter wonderland of sophistication at this iconic Parisian tea room founded in 1903. Amidst the luxurious ambiance, indulge in stunning pastries that are as delicious as they are artful. Warm up your winter date with a shot-size cup of their renowned rich hot chocolate – a treat that promises satisfaction in every sip. Let the class and charm of this artsy café transform your winter evening into a romantic escape, where every bite and sip becomes a delightful journey into Parisian elegance.

Visiting the Whispering Gallery at Grand Central Terminal

Explore the romantic allure of Grand Central Terminal's Whispering Gallery. Stand at opposite corners of the arches in front of the Oyster Bar, whisper sweet nothings, and experience the acoustic phenomenon that amplifies your words—a secret shared just between the two of you.

 New York City's Most Famous Cookies

In the heart of New York City's culinary landscape, Levain Bakery stands as a beacon of indulgence, and their 6-ounce chocolate chip walnut cookie is nothing short of legendary. The rich aroma of freshly baked cookies sets the stage for a sweet rendezvous. Let the sumptuous flavors and generous portions at Levain Bakery turn your date night into a culinary adventure.

Enjoy a Candlelit Dinner at One if by Land, Two if by Sea

Dine in historic charm at One if by Land, Two if by Sea—a West Village restaurant known for its candlelit ambiance and exquisite cuisine. With its romantic setting in a former carriage house, this establishment offers an intimate dining experience.

Explore the menu and make reservations at One if by Land, Two if by Sea here. 

The Upper West Side whispers tales of romance, from the timeless beauty of Central Park to the sweet sensations of Levain's Bakery. As you explore the secrets of this enchanting neighborhood and beyond, The Lucerne serves as the perfect base for your romantic explorations. Embrace the romantic secrets of the city and let the Upper West Side weave its magic into your love story.

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