On the vibrant Upper West Side of New York City, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is the first sign of the neighborhood’s breakfast bounty. The charming, leafy streets of this relatively quiet, Central Park-adjacent area are home to the perfect places to indulge in sprawling morning feasts, from French cafés to classic American diners. 

On the Upper West Side, warm hospitality and scrumptious fare combine to create the ideal breakfast experience for everyone, no matter what you’re craving. The range of diverse cuisines that exist in the neighborhood represent the wide-ranging, unique flavors and people of New York City. Explore everything from Upper West Side institution Jacob’s Pickles — home to comfort food galore — to French Roast, a classic bistro.


Continue reading to discover some of the Upper West Side’s most delectable breakfast spots. We’ve also included the time it takes to get from The Lucerne to each restaurant. 



(1 min. drive / 2 min. walk) 

An award-winning New York City staple, Sarabeth’s is a classic American restaurant known for its exceptional brunch selection. With four locations across the city, Sarabeth’s is in and of itself one of New York City’s cultural attractions. Its Upper West Side location offers everything from simple, seasonal fare — the wild mushroom scramble, for example — to extraordinary breakfast options like pumpkin waffles or lemon and ricotta pancakes.

Carefully-sourced and classic, breakfast at Sarabeth’s is sure to satisfy any and all of your cravings.


2.Jacob’s Pickles

(2 min. drive / 6 min. walk)

A guide to feasts on the Upper West Side would not be complete without a mention of Jacob’s Pickles, an institution known for its southern comfort food. Wholesome, creative, and delicious, the food and atmosphere of Jacob’s Pickles make it one of the neighborhood’s most beloved restaurants. Serving everything from biscuit breakfast sandwiches to pickles (of course) to poutine and pancakes, Jacob’s Pickles is the place to go for a hearty, happy breakfast. 


3.The Smith

(8 min. drive / 18 min. walk) 

From 8am to 11:30am every weekday, The Smith serves a breakfast spread worthy of kings — or, at the very least, picky New Yorkers. The Upper West Side location of The Smith can be found at 1900 Broadway, across from Lincoln Center; it is bustling day and night. The Smith generally serves American fare with some international inspirations — offering the occasional bibimbap and enchilada — and its breakfast options include goat cheese omelettes, buttermilk pancakes, and smoothies. 


4.Crepes on Columbus

(10 min. drive / 34 min. walk) 

As you may be able to guess, Crepes on Columbus is most famous for one thing: their crepes. Crepes, a French export, are made of a sweet, thin, pancake-like batter, and stuffed with fillings that range from Nutella to sugar to fresh fruit to ham. Crepes on Columbus leans into this broad range with over 18 crepe options on the menu, including sweet and savory. Inside, the restaurant is comfortable and homey; the dishes’ flavors are allowed to speak for themselves. If you’re craving crepes, this restaurant is the place to go.



(2 min. drive / 3 min. walk) 

No trip to New York City’s Upper West Side is complete without a stop by Zabar’s, a gourmet deli cum grocer that has been around since the 1930s. Known for its bagels, coffees, fish, cheeses, and other grab-and-go food, Zabar’s Cafe, next door the main store, is both a convenient breakfast place and an iconic one. It also has important historic origins in the Upper West Side’s Jewish community, making it a veritable monument of a tumultuous 20th century. If you’re a fan of bagels, delis, or just food in general, Zabar’s Cafe is the breakfast place for you. 


6.The Consulate

(6 min. drive / 10 min. walk) 

Elegant yet still retaining the warmth of home, The Consulate is a relatively recent arrival on the Upper West Side — though that’s not to say they don’t know their breakfasts. If there’s one complaint you could make about The Consulate, it would be that there are too many options. Which is why it’s such a good destination for a morning feast. Its menu is exotic, unique, and international, though its breakfast menu skews towards American classics, like pancakes and omelettes. 



(4 min. drive /15 min. walk)

A café that seems to have been transported straight from the south of France, the warmly-named Maman is a joy to all the senses. One of the best aspects of Maman is its freshly-baked pastries and other treats, offered in conjunction with traditional American café fare, like salads and quiches; their best flavors are on display in the delectable chocolate chip cookies and croissants. Summery, charming, and perfectly Instagrammable, Maman is a retreat within the retreat of the Upper West Side. 


8. Nice Matin

(0 min. drive /0 min. walk)

Last but certainly not least, Nice Matin stands out as The Lucerne’s cherished French Provençal restaurant, with its delectable breakfast options on the Upper West Side. Step into this sophisticated brasserie, where a classic French Riviera ambiance greets you, and indulge in a delightful morning spread featuring Eggs Benedict, Gruyère Omlette and Brioche French Toast. However you choose to start your day, Nice Matin will captivate you with its mouthwatering breakfast selections.


No matter what kind of breakfast you are in the mood for — hearty or light, American or international — the Upper West Side has you covered. The Upper West Side is at your feet when you stay at The Lucerne. Book now!