Whether you’re hosting an executive offsite meeting for board members or gathering the office for a team-building get-together, how you plan and set up your meeting space is key. You’ll want a professional space with all the right amenities to ensure your meeting flows seamlessly. Obviously, you want to curate a meeting with elements that will impress your guests, but there’s even more to consider when it comes to meeting rooms in NYC. Explore these corporate event planning and setup insights to create an essential meeting room checklist that accounts for every must-have detail.


Choose a convenient Upper West Side venue.

Choose a stunning meeting venue with location in mind. Ideally, your meeting will be easy to find, easy to access, and convenient to navigate for your corporate guests and meeting attendees, especially if you're inviting guests who are traveling from outside the city. That’s why so many planners and company executives select brilliantly convenient venues on the Upper West Side. This charming NYC neighborhood offers the perfect backdrop with convenience and efficiency built into its character and aesthetics. Choose a stunning meeting venue with its location in mind. Invite your meeting guests to an upscale neighborhood, where a host of post-meeting experiences await, allowing them to make the most of their visit. 


Confirm your meeting room layout.

Meeting rooms in NYC come in all shapes and sizes. So, be mindful to select the ideal space that accommodates your meeting size and guest list. Consider the itinerary of your meeting when choosing a space layout, too. For example, you might need more than just a single meeting room space. Think of smaller breakout session rooms and potential networking opportunities you want to encourage during your event. General seating will also be a priority, and you’ll want to decide if you want round table discussions or audience formatting for your meeting. Choose a sophisticated Upper West Side venue that offers the seating flexibility you need to configure your layout and designs. 


Explore the NYC venue’s amenities for food service.

Invite your meeting guests to the UWS to make a brilliant impression. Also, select an upscale venue and event space that offers more than just a room. Inquire about event services you’ll need to make your corporate meeting shine, including food service and available catering options. Gourmet appetizers, delectable menus, and espresso bars are all great additions to elevate your meeting experience. Understand all the catering options available so you can be selective about any additional vendors you’ll want to bring into your meeting experience.

The Lucerne can connect you with trustworthy catering options. If catering is not for you, Nice Matin in the Lucerne Hotel will give you an elevated food experience.


Ensure all tech capabilities are on point.

Meeting rooms in NYC will often come with a host of technical and audiovisual amenities. Be sure to choose the best venue, with a friendly technical support team on staff to ensure presentations and demonstrations flow seamlessly. Create a list of essential equipment you’ll need based on your meeting’s itinerary. Inquire about your chosen venue’s capabilities to offer projectors, drop-down screens, and audiovisual equipment. Whether you’re hosting a sales training session, a networking event, or a small conference, the available tech has to be on point.


Look for luxurious accommodations and experiences.

Offsite company meetings are intended to provide a professional ambiance and a change of scenery from your traditional office space. So, choose luxury and upscale experiences with an elevated level of service to impress your colleagues and guests. Lounge areas for networking, gorgeous architecture, and immersive lighting can all bring elevated touchpoints to your meeting. 


Select a meeting room venue with hospitality options.

If your meeting includes a guest list both near and far, you’ll want to plan for a meeting room that also offers hospitality options. Traveling executives, colleagues, and attendees can conveniently have a place to stay without traveling elsewhere throughout the city. Additionally, your venue might have room-blocking options to ensure you have overnight accommodations for everyone. Just be sure those rooms are just as luxurious as your meeting spaces to elevate and maintain the wow factor you’ve planned for the entire guest experience. 


Book your corporate meetings at The Lucerne!

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